i do live visuals for bands. this web site is meant to document some of that. if you’re a band who wants to work with me, don’t hesitate to get in touch. otherwise, check out the prints page, or my youtube or instagram for some stuff to look at.

i have recently started live streaming as well. this is currently a semi-weekly thing, likely until i get bored with it, or am able to tour again. subscribe to my youtube channel to find the archive, or get notifications when i do it next. its usually sunday nights.


since most of you are visiting just to buy prints, here are the ones that are currently available. the prints page still has a large gallery of every one that has been made if you’re curious. all prints are $10 canadian (around $7.50 usd) with free shipping. the VHS tape is $25 canadian (around $19 usd), with $15 shipping.