the concept of doing prints of visuals seemed odd to me at first. most of my methods involve improvisation, so, it feels live visuals are a moment in time, and much like the music that they’re meant to accompany, exact re-creations aren’t likely. permanently capturing that moment seemed opposed to all of this. eventually i changed my mind.

these prints are taken from visuals i’ve done. some were taken during visuals practices/experiments, some were taken during live sets. these are one of a kind, and won’t be re-printed. if it doesn’t say “add to cart” below it, that print is gone.

these are instax square prints. the printed area is 62mm x 62mm, and the total dimensions are 72mm x 86mm. some have black borders, most have white. its all the same.

each print is $10 (canadian) including lettermail postage anywhere in the world. you can order from this page, or contact me directly if you have any questions. all orders will ship out within a day or two of being placed.