the concept of doing prints of visuals seemed odd to me at first. most of my methods involve improvisation, so, it feels live visuals are a moment in time, and much like the music that they’re meant to accompany, exact re-creations aren’t likely. permanently capturing that moment seemed opposed to all of this. eventually i changed my mind.

these prints are taken from visuals i’ve done. some were taken during visuals practices/experiments, some were taken during live sets. these are one of a kind, and won’t be re-printed. i’ve broken this page up into two sections. the first are the ones that are currently for sale, with the newest additions first. the second is the full gallery of every one that has been done. if its not listed in the for sale section, its no longer around. i will not reprint any of them.

these are instax square prints. the printed area is 62mm x 62mm, and the total dimensions are 72mm x 86mm. some have black borders, most have white. its all the same. the numbers are basically the names of the prints. i felt like i needed to write something on them, so, i’ve numbered them in the order that i’ve decided to let them go.