glitch portraits

i have slowly been putting together a series of glitched out portraits of my friends. if you’re seeing this, it means i’ve asked you to participate! i have zero idea what i will do with this series when it is done, but, you’re more than free to use whatever images come out of it however you’d like. for now, i just have a box full of pictures of my pals.

my current process involves filming a short video of a person talking about something that excites them, or doing something involving lots of movement. i then take that video and run it through one or many of these video glitch machines. i then take the portraits from that.

so far, each one i’ve done, i have done at home. with the world currently being on lockdown, this has basically stopped the project.

with that in mind, i’ve decided to start accepting remote submissions. this will help me get many of my friends who aren’t in montreal, and it will also speed up this process.


how can you get in on this?

all i will need is a short video of you! when i have done them here, i have asked participants to talk about something that i know they’re passionate about. your favourite records, food, places, etc. it really doesn’t matter. some people have just opted to dance around instead. i have previously tried running a still photo through these machines, but the motion is essential to making them do strange things, so, movement is a key part of the video!

the video can be shot on whatever you have kicking around. i have used a fancy camera, a garbage camera, and an iphone. in the end, the all work the same! just make sure you’re filming in landscape (ie wider screen) mode if its a phone.

the best results involve a tripod, but, you can simply set your phone on something, aimed at a wall, and hang out in front of it. there is no need to get fancy! when framing the shot, keep in mind that i would mostly be trying to film the top of you. no need to try to fit your legs in there!

this works best if you are in a well lit room, against a white (or solid color) wall. day light works great, so, open your curtains. walls with a lot of decorations on them are not ideal, as i want the only focal point in the image to be you.

for clothing, please no logos or words on whatever you do wear. a few people have opted to do this in underwear or naked, which is also fine.

so, once you’re set up, with a camera filming you, with adequate light, in front of a plain wall, you’re ready!

you can talk about anything you’d like, or you could dance! whatever you choose to do, do it standing, and do it with motion. remember, the machines love movement. do not worry about what you say, how you sound, or what you do in the video. i will be the only one seeing it, and the machines i’ll be running it through drop the audio. the video should be around 2-5 minutes long, but, anything over a minute can work!

if you’re a person who is camera shy, keep in mind that the image will end up looking very different, so, again, don’t overthink this process!

for reference, here are screen shots from raw footage, and then screen shots from the results.