i'm brad, and i do live visuals for live music. i mostly use footage that is filmed, then heavily processed. sometimes i use computer generated footage. usually it is all based on short loops, but not always. i try to do something fitting the sound of the musician, that is different from things i have done for others. the visuals should accentuate the music, otherwise, whats the point. there are some photos, as well as general life stuff on my instagram. there are lots of videos on my youtube.

do you want visuals for your live show or tour? i'm easier to work with than you'd think, and i love touring. get in touch, and we can try to figure something out! dehausset@gmail.com

some of the artsts i've done visuals for:
adam torres
aim low
amanda palmer
echo beach
empty love
les fillesharmoniques
lukie lovechild
lyndsie alguire
old wyoming
rae spoon
thor harris / thor & friends
trepanated heads
wolf parade

there have likely been others that i have forgotten, feel free to remind me if i've left you off this list!

if you have photos or videos of any shows i've done visuals for, please send them over! i'd love to post them.